Sunday, November 8, 2020

Back the Blue

I am aware that this is currently a really hot topic. Nevertheless, I want to share my view and explain why I support law enforcement. 

I am well aware that not everyone will agree with me and that's fine. My intent is not to change anyone's opinion. I'm not writing this to start an argument with anyone, just sharing my reasons for supporting law enforcement, why we need them, and need to give them more funding not less.

My dad has been a first responder for over 20 years and I'm extremely proud of the work he has done and the lives he has saved. No, he's not a police officer. He's a firefighter. He has seen many things that I'm sure he wishes he could unsee but that can't happen. No, he wasn't risking his life every time he was in uniform but that doesn't change the work that he did. However, I'm not here to talk about firefighters.

I back the blue for many reasons. One of them being they risk their lives every day they put on their uniform. They get called disgusting names. They sacrifice time with their families so they can make our streets a safer place. They do this with little to no thanks.

They never know if they will return home to their families because of the target on their backs. And some of their supporters don't want to admit it, especially in hard times like these, for fear of retaliation. 

Are there bad apples in the police force? 

Of course, there are! 

There are bad apples in every single profession and in every walk of life. 

I'm sure there are those who will call me a racist because I support law enforcement. But that's simply not true, I don't have to explain why that's not true because it doesn't matter to me what others think. If you know me personally, then, you know I'm not a racist and those opinions are the only ones that matter to me.

Why do the police need more funding? 

Easy, it's proven that with more officers and better equipment they can make our streets safer. With better equipment, it also makes the officers safer. A good department attracts men and women who want to work for said department which in turn,  means more men and women out in our communities able to respond to more calls and save more lives. 

No one wants to work for a place that doesn't support their workers, not just law enforcement. It's like that for all professions.

You don't have to do a lot to thank the men and women who risk their lives for us. Just give them a thank you when you see them, or something as simple as a smile. Buy them a meal when you see them, donate when they hold fundraisers. I personally can't do much in way of donations because I don't yet have a steady income but they don't always need money a smile and a thank you goes a very long way. If you see a police officer or anyone for that matter in danger help them. They wouldn't hesitate a second to help you if it was the other way around.

I can't believe TV networks took down shows that were pro first responders or that toys are being recalled. It's ridiculous. Most of America supports police and we need to speak up and show America how many people really do back the blue.

Thank you to all the men and women who have served in law enforcement, who are serving in law enforcement, who have served in the military, and are currently serving. America wouldn't be the amazing country it is today without you.