Thursday, July 4, 2019

July 4th, 2019

Happy Independence day!! How are y'all celebrating the day?

Are you looking for a way dress up your hair for the festivities?

Well, there are some really pretty hair accessories you can add to any hairstyle.

Shown below is the website I get most of my hair jewelry from. This place is amazing, they sell hair clips, bobby pins, headbands, u-pins, and hair sticks. It's everything you need for your hair! There are all kinds of styles to match whatever you're wearing from casual to dressy.

Want to add some stars to your hair in honor of the 4th? Here is the perfect hair accessory!

Photo by: Lilla Rose

Been wanting to add some bang to your hair? Well now you can with this amazing hair clip!

Photo by: Lilla Rose

Want something simple yet still patriotic? How about this American Flag clip?

Photo by: Lilla rose

Just want something very simple? Here are some super cute Firework bobbies, these bobbies are super secure and stay in their place for as long as you need.

Photo by: Lilla rose

This is by far my favorite 4th of July clip out of the Lilla Rose collection and the one I own. I think it's super cute how its a little bow that looks like the American Flag.
This style is currently out of stock.

Photo by: Lilla Rose

Lilla Rose is an amazing company.

I am a little addicted to most anything hair, especially hair jewelry. I love their clips, they have many different styles and sizes to fit all hair types.

I also adore their bobby pins. They are very strong and actually hold their place, plus they are super cute and have many different styles to suit everyone.

I think my very favorite of their products is their headbands. I can get headaches very easily and normal headbands would give me headaches all the time, ripe my hair out, give me marks, and slip like crazy. But, since finding out and trying my first Lilla Rose headband, I have loved them. They don't give me headaches, ripe my hair out, leave marks,  and they hardly every slip (depending on my style.) And, they come in many different colors and styles to fit with whatever you prefer.

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