Friday, July 19, 2019

Summer Hair Care

I decided to share my Summer hair care routine, We have very hot summer days here in Arizona.

I normally only wash the length of my hair once a week but with the heat, and how much I end up sweating while going on walks or riding, my scalp gets really itchy. Therefore, I do a simple scalp wash to deal with this issue halfway through the week.

I wash my hair every Friday.  Allow me to share my routine: I apply this mask to my hair before I wash—in the video she only puts it on the length of her hair but I apply it on all of my hair including my scalp. My hair is also shorter and not as thick therefore I make less —I just use a smaller spoon but the same measurements.

I also prefer to add a little oil in the mixture as well. I recycle a regular plastic grocery bag to cover my hair and I then cover the entire thing with a bandanna. It's not cute but it works for me.

I let the whole thing sit for one hour.

I then just wash out the mask, put a little conditioner on my ends and shampoo my scalp. I use this scalp scrubber. I also use this brush and comb through my hair when it has conditioner in it.

I rinse then apply conditioner all over my hair including my scalp and run the brush through my hair once again. I then leave my conditioned hair alone while I shave so it can soak into my hair for a bit.

I once again rinse.

I towel dry my hair with this towel,  It comes in many different sizes and it's perfectly safe for your hair as well. They do have larger sizes as well for some of you longer haired gals.

After I do this entire routine, I just let my hair air dry. It does take a while but I'd rather it take a few hours compared to damaging it with any heat.

Using this on my hair works super well, my hair texture is a little coarse and is just inches from classic—below my bottom.

Mid-week, I do a scalp wash. It's very simple!

All you have to do is loosely braid your hair and slip it into your shirt or secure it in whatever way works best for you.

Then, just proceed to wet your scalp either in the tub or at the sink. I prefer to do it in the sink and use a cup to pour water on my head with more ease. I then use my scalp scrubber once again. After that, I just get a hand towel and dry my hair a little, remove my braid and let my hair air dry.

I generally don't have to use any or much oil on my hair during the Summer but I do the day before I wash in the winter. My hair is low porosity, which basically means that oils don't really penetrate into my hair. They just sit on top. If  I use too much oil you can really see it and my hair look greasy. Therefore, I have to be careful when using hair oil.

I know many women like coconut oil. My hair does not unless it's mixed in with something else. My preferred oils are date oil and Moroccan argan oil. The date oil is the one I put in with the hair mask recipe mentioned above.

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