Monday, July 8, 2019

The Sleep Styler Curlers: A Review

We all know that curly hair is very popular at the moment. I have been seeing a lot of different ways to curl your hair without heat but they take so much longer cause you to need to wait for your hair to from wet—or damp—to completely dry compared to blow-drying and just using a curling iron.

My hair is down to my tailbone. This means that for me personally—as well as a lot of other girls with long hair who don't like to use any heat on their locks—we have to find other ways to curl our hair without heat and, hopefully, somewhat speedily.

I recommend the Sleep Styler. They are foam rollers that can both straighten your hair or curl it and they work on long or short hair. To use, simply roll them in with damp hair and let it dry! They are pretty comfortable to sleep in.  They are a little big and can get in the way depending on how close you roll them to your scalp and how many of them you use. The foam is covered by super absorbent yoga towel material. The foam is removable so you can wash the material whenever you want—or need to.

I have recently tried the Sleep Styler in my hair. I put them in at about 7:30 at night (with damp hair) and I removed them in the morning at about 7:30.

My hair was completely dry and it was curled. I didn't put any product in it what so ever before—or after—using them and my curls hung around for about three and a half hours before they started to droop a little. This, for me, is a great success.

It seems my hair does better when I don't use any products. Although, I may try a little hair spray next time.

I used eleven curlers—which comes to about a pack and a half as there are eight per pack. I separated my hair into smaller sections which is the main reason I used so many curlers. You certainly can make smaller sections and only use the eight provided in one pack.

Here is a little video on how to apply the curlers to your hair. Click here

You can buy your Sleep Styler curlers here.

Below is a picture of how my hair turned out after I took the curlers out. Sorry for the picture quality but its all I have.

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