Saturday, August 3, 2019

Acquarella Nail Polish: A Review

For a long time, my parents didn't want me to wear any nail polish because of the harmful ingredients that are in most polishes.

When I entered my teens, they relented on the condition we find a more eco-friendly polish. Over time and after trying out various more natural brands, we finally discovered Acquarella. These polishes are water-based and incredibly clean. I have seen a picture where someone put some on their teeth! How many polishes can do that without causing problems?

Acquarella has over 80 colors so there is definitely a color or two for everyone. I, myself, have quite a few and would probably like more as they come out with more colors each season but I need to finish the ones I have now...

Their durability may not be as long as a traditional polish. However, as I mentioned above they are perfectly safe for everyone. For this reason, they also do not smell.

You don't need a base coat or a topcoat although it is preferred.  Neither do they discolor or ruin your nails in any way but will instead they nourish them.

For me personally, the polish lastest longer on my toes than my fingernails but that could be due to use (I use my hands and lot) and the fact I do not always wait for my fingernails to dry all the way.

The polish is a little expensive but, for me, it's worth it.

A plus for those in Arizona is that Acquarella is based in Tucson so if you live in Arizona you get your order super fast, which is always a plus.

You can buy Acquarella nail polish here. They, of course, will be having Black Friday deals but they also have some around mother's day!

Below are a couple pictures of my toes and fingers I had painted a few days ago using Acquarella.

This color is called Dasher.

This color is called Dust Devil.

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