Sunday, September 1, 2019

Getting Rid of Dandruff with an Easy Remedy

For quite a few years, I had Dandruff.

For this reason, I washed my hair often—every other day—otherwise, it would just get to be too much for me.

If you are trying to grow your hair out, you may already know that washing every other day is not a clever idea.

In order to have healthier hair and yet, control my dandruff, I tried rinses, scrubs, shampoos, and even oil with garlic and tea tree.

Yes, I was so desperate.

One day my mom was reading a book about how the human body is made up of twelve different cell salts and we can be a little low on certain kinds.

There are little pellets—cell salts—you can take to help with a multitude if issues. She suggested this cell salt. The book said it should help.

I was of course more than willing to try it out if it would help my dandruff. I took it for a little bit but quickly fell out of the habit of taking it every day.

In the short time I had actually taken them I noticed a difference, Therefore, I got back into the habit of taking it every day a couple months ago. All I do is add 10 pellets (they disintegrate when wet) in my water bottle (it's 40 oz) each morning and drink it throughout the day. I did that for about two months and I have now lowered it to about 5-6 pellets a day. I no longer see dandruff! I am still taking it and probably will for a while longer but I may lower the amount I use over time until I can stop for a while.

You will notice your dandruff getting worse in about a month when you start taking the pellets and that's a wonderful thing! It means your body is getting rid of it all. After that, the dandruff will start to decline. The increase in dandruff doesn't last long—about a week for me but it may be longer or shorter depending on each person as we are all different.

The cell salts have no taste so you can take them without putting them in your water, and all you would do is two pellets directly in your mouth. You would do that 2-3 times a day.

This brush is also really nice to bring dandruff off your scalp, for me it felt so good to just scratch my head like crazy without using my nails and hurting myself. The bristles are made of silicone so it's strong but not harsh. You can also use this brush for everyday use or to brush the conditioner throughout your hair in the shower. You can read more about this in this post.

I am aware there are some people that swear that using a brush is horrible and you should use a wide-tooth comb, and brushing your hair while wet is HORRIBLE for your hair.

I would agree and disagree.

I have used a wide-tooth comb and I liked it. It does work well to detangle but I happen to like the brush more and I haven't noticed any damage although I've been using it for almost a year now. I also recently started using it in the shower to brush the conditioner through my hair.

I agree that brushing your hair while wet isn't a good idea but I think brushing it while you have a lot of conditioner is fine as that's the only way curly hair women—and girls—can brush their hair. I have noticed a big difference in my hair since using it in the shower. My hair isn't as frizzy. It is also softer, and just overall healthier so I will continue to brush.

All this to tell you that I highly recommend both the cell salt and the brush to help with dandruff.

Below is a hair picture just for fun. The style is by Torrin Paige. The butterfly u-pins are by Lillarose. I used the short u-pins for this style for decorating only. They are not holding anything.

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