Thursday, October 3, 2019

Favorite Authors

If you know me—or you have seen my reading challenge for this year—you would know that I read a lot of books (like tons).

Since I'm such a book worm, I decided to share some of my favorite authors and some of my favorite books.

  • Florence Witt: I actually haven't read her book but she is my mother and I know how amazing she is so how could her book be bad right? I will get around to reading it one day I'm sure. You can buy her book Say Yes. By the way, it is a work of non-fiction.
  • Melanie Dickerson: I have read everyone of her books! Most of them I read them the day they came out and I would stay up until 3am or later just to finish them. It's really hard for me to pick a favorite book because I love them all.  However, I think if I narrowed it down, it would have to be a tie between the first one I read The Captive Maiden and her latest book The Warrior Maiden. I later realized that The Captive Maiden was part of a series and not the first of that series. You can find the first book of that series here.
  • Christy Barritt: This wonderfull woman has to be my all-time favorite author. I have also read all her books. It's impossible for me to pick a favorite book but I can pick my favorite series and that would have to be The Worst Detective Ever. All of her books are amazing but this series is definitely my favorite. A huge bonus is she writes so fast! You don't have to wait for years for more books, she has new books every few months sometimes, even, every month.
  • Melanie Wilber: Another author whose books I've all read. Her books are definitely a lot "calmer" than the last two authors I have mentioned above but, they are still a very good read. All her books are really good for pre-teens to teens. Again I can't pick a favorite book but my favorite series would probably be Seeking Heart Teen series, which later became Pure in Heart. I also love the Heaven in my Heart series which later became True Friendship series.

Don't let this shortlist fool you, I do read a ton of books. I just don't have a lot of authors whose books I read all the time. I read a lot of random books from a lot of different authors.

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