Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Shefit: A Review

For a long while, I had been looking for a good strong sports bra. One which would last longer than a year, and support me while horseback riding.

Over the years, I had gone through various sports bras. Most neither lasted past a year nor offered me the support I needed.

Almost a year ago, I finally had enough. I did some online research and found a company called Shefit.

At first, I wasn't that interested. However, when I researched some more I changed my mind.

It was almost Black Friday and since I found the bras pricey—over $60—I decided to wait hoping they would be on sale.  And indeed, they were and I purchased two of them to try out and see if they were worth the price. 

Well, let me tell you! They are 100% worth the price. They are the best sports bra ever! I ended up buying two more and I want more!

They are fully adjustable. You can adjust the shoulder straps (the higher you go, the more supported you will be). Furthermore, you can adjust the rib strap so it fits properly. You can even mix and match colors!

The way the bras are fabricated, they don't stretch out over time—this is a continuous problem for me.

Shefit offers three levels of support: maximum, high, and low. So far, I only have the maximum but I want to get the high support ones as well.

Shefit also offers a wide variety of beautiful colors. There is white, black, flesh, pink, blues, purple, yellow, and green. Better hurry though, as some colors are limited. This means that once they are gone you can no longer get them!

Their sizes range from cups A-I so there is a fit for everyone.

The Ultimate Flex collection has a beautiful design on the back as well as a smoother cup compared to the Ultimate collection.

They have now added Afterpay so you can buy now and pay later for those of you who want/need one but can't afford it right at the moment.

Shefit has also branched out to making leggins! They will go into production soon. If interested, you can head over there and help them get them into production as well as guarantee you will get a pair of leggings or a sports bra! 

With this link, I can save you 10$ so be sure to use it!

This is the pink/flesh in the Ultimate Flex collection.

This is the purple in the Ultimate Flex collection.

This is the white in Ultimate collection.

 This is the design all the Ultimate Flex bras have in the back, the colors change with the color of the bra.

 This is the yellow in the Ultimate collection.

This is the purple in the Ultimate collection.

This is the flesh in the Ultimate collection.

This is the pink the Ultimate collection.

This is the blue in the Ultimate Flex collection.

This is the yellow in the Ultimate Flex collection.

This is the black in the Ultimate collection.

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