Thursday, November 21, 2019

A Style a Day November - Part 3

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November 21st, 2019 ~ Day 21
With all the rain we have gotten the past couple of days, there is also a lot of humidity, Humidity makes my hair—not only—dry out but also, explode into a giant fuzzball.

For today’s style, I have chosen to do the Chinese Braided Bun by Haartraum. I did make my bun a little higher by making my ponytail higher. To calm my little hairs, I got my BBB (boar bristle brush) and smoothed out my hair.

You can find the styling video here.

You can get this style of hair sticks here.

November 23rd, 2019 ~ Day 22
I am a day behind due to me trying to do a Henna yesterday. However, it wouldn’t dye release so I ran out of time to do a style. Therefore, I will carry this challenge into December—the 1st.

As it turns out, I have a natural curl to my hair. I noticed it after washing my hair today instead of brushing the curl out I left it natural.

Today’s style is rolling with the curl and messiness. All I did was pull my hair into a high pony and twist it once like I am doing a cinnamon bun and then secure it with the Gold swerve. There are so many different styles of swerves available and they are all listed below.

Size Small Swerves:
Rose Gold

Regular-Sized Swerve:
Flowered in Gold and Rose Gold.
Beaded in Blue and Multi colored.
White Flower.

Flat Swerve in Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Black.
Hammered Swerve in Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Black.
Rose Gold with beads.
Gold with beads.
Silver with Turquoise beads.
Black with beads.
Rose Gold with multicolored beads.

November 24th, 2019 ~ Day 23
This hairstyle is one of my very favorites because it is very secure and is perfect both for hard work and fancy occasions.

You can braid your hair before doing this style for a different look. When doing this style, you must use a looped hair tool.

I usually only decorate this hairstyle with a headband but today, I chose to use an extra-small Flexi.

Here are two ways to do this hairstyle, one is a little dressier and this one is the style I am wearing today.

You can get this style of Flexi here. This style also comes in Gold with a pink flower.

November 25th, 2019 ~ Day 24
Today’s hairstyle is one I use most commonly. It's really easy and can be both messy or dressy. It is also very secure.

I do have a hard time braiding my hair like Haartraum does so mine usually ends being more messy than dressy.

The leather 8 I used today is a size small.  What I did was follow the hairstyling video then I added the leather 8 afterward.

Here is the styling video.

This hair stick is no longer available but this style of leather 8 is and everything is on sale!

November 26th, 2019 ~ Day 25
Today’s hairstyle is one I like to keep my hair 100% out of my face. It will stay put no matter what I am doing.

It's a very simple style. It's just a Dutch braid braided all the way down and wrapped into a Lazy Wrap Bun and secured with a medium Flexi.

Here is a video on how to Dutch braid and how to do a braided Lazy Wrap Bun.

This style of Flexi is available for many different sports such as baseball, football, tennis, volleyball, soccer, basketball. It also comes in various colors for each style: navy, purple, green, red, yellow, black, royal blue and orange.

November 27th, 2019 ~ Day 26
Today’s hairstyle is one of my newest favorites by Torrin Page on YouTube.

Instead of splitting my hair down the middle, I did it on my preferred side. Then, I moved to the middle so my braids would still be even.

I did have a tough time doing the braids—I have a tough time braiding on myself in general.

I decorated my bun with my mom's extra-small Flexi.

You can find the styling video here.

You can get this style of Flexi here.

November 28th, 2019 ~ Day 27
This hairstyle is my favorite for special occasions and fancy events.

I did use a Lilla Rose headband but it isn’t very visible because of how far off-center I part my hair. The closer to the middle you part your hair the more visible your headband  should be.

I used a styling video on YouTube for the style. However, because of my hair length (classic), I have to modify it.  Here is what I do: I follow the video on how I separate my hair but instead of clipping my hair back then leaving it loose, I put my hair in a low pony leaving the front section out.

I then place my headband like the lady in the video does but under the ponytail to ensure it doesn’t slide off.  Instead of using my fingers to wrap my hair around the headband, I use my looped hair tool although it is not a must.

I start at the top to wrap my hair around the hairband. Once I reach my ponytail, I slide my hair tool through in the middle of my ponytail with the loop sticking out. I then slip the leftover hair I was working with through the loop. Then, I pull the stick part of the tool through my entire length and through the ponytail.

I repeat this process on the other side.

Afterward, I flipped my ponytail over into a flipped ponytail and continued until I had no more length. I used the lopped hair tool for this part as I find that it makes this process a lot easier.

I stop at each flip to spread my hair around to ensure an even Chignon. After I secured my ends, I decorated my hair with a decorative bridle hair comb.

Be very gentle when taking this style down especially with unwrapping your hair from the headband as it might tangle but not to worry just take your time and be very careful.

Here is a video on how to wrap your hair around a headband.

You can get this style of headband here.

November 29th, 2019 ~ Day 28
Today’s style is simple and easy. I wanted to demonstrate another way of using the Lilla Rose bobby pins.

This style takes only a couple minutes or less.

All you have to do is gather your hair into a low pony, grab a small section of hair from either side, and wrap it tightly around until you have nothing left. Secure your hair by using the bobby pins over the wrapped section of hair from top to bottom.

This style is very secure and does not damage your hair.

Here is a video on how to do this style.

This is the style of bobby pins I used. This style was perfect for today as we got a tiny bit of snow. It is currently out of stock but will be back soon.

November 30th, 2019 ~ Day 29
Today’s style is very simple yet very secure and comfortable. You can dress this style up a little with a dressier Flexi or hair stick.

When I wrapped my hair around my hand I did keep it a little tighter than Haartraum does and I found that this works best for a Flexi. I used a size Large for this style.

Here is the styling video.

You can get this style of Flexi here.

December 1st, 2019 ~ Day 30
For the final hairstyle, I wanted to do something fun and dressy.

Unfortunately, the first style I tried, I could not get to work. Therefore, three hairstyles later, I finally got this one to work out!

This style isn’t as secure as I would like it to be (I didn’t pin it well enough) but it is very comfortable and easy to do. As a bonus, it can be done on hair length from shoulder to classic.

I did decorate my hair with the large poinsettia u-pins and the matching bobby pins.

Here is the styling video.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the poinsettia is available as of yet — and I don't know if it ever will be. You can keep an eye out for it here.