Monday, December 16, 2019


I have had a lot of muscle cramps throughout the years. My mom always recommended magnesium. Therefore, I tried gels, lotion, liquids (that was nasty) and then the last one, a spray.

I hated the gel because it wouldn't soak into my skin. I was having to wash my hands all the time, and it would get on my clothes.

Then, I moved onto the lotion. I really like the lotion actually. The problem with it is that I would only use it when my skin got dry which isn't that often so it wasn't really working like it should.

Next, I tried the liquid. You are supposed to dilute it in your water, which I did. Since it's like an oil, it didn't mix with my water very well. Every time I drank some it left a nasty taste that was hard to get rid of. It might work for some but it wasn't the thing for me.

One day my mom surprised me with the spray which for me was the best thing ever! I use it every day before bed (one spray on my stomach and/or feet). After just under a month of daily use, I no longer have muscle cramps.

Both men and women can use this for any kind of muscle cramps.

Note: None of the pictures below belong to me.

You can buy the gel here.

You can buy the lotion here.

You can buy the liquid here.

You can buy the spray here.