Saturday, February 22, 2020

Alcohol Free Hairspray

This is a post on hair spray when I actually don't use hairspray. My main reason is that it can be bad for your hair because it is drying due to the alcohol content.

I also don't have much use for hairspray as I have learned to tame flyaways or just deal with them. Moreover, most of the time, hair spray will actually make my flyaways curl instead of taming them so it ends up doing more harm than good.

I have started using a little hairspray more recently now that I have learned to do fancier hairstyles and need help taming my crazy hairs—or if I want to just tame those annoying hairs that never stay down. In saying that, I want to share a nifty little trick as well as the brand of hairspray I use.

The brand I use is called Kettle Care Organics and I have the regular hold at the moment but I think when I order from them again I will get the extra hold—because I have stubborn hair it seems.

I have used this hair spray on a wash day (the day I wash my hair) and it did, of course, leave it a little crusty. Although, as soon as I brushed my hair at the end of the day the crustiness was gone and it didn't leave my hair feeling gross.

This hairspray doesn't have any alcohol and, therefore, it is non-drying. If you're like me and almost never use hairspray, the 2.0 oz bottle with actually last you a very long time.

Now, for that little trick for when you can't get your little hairs to remain in place and instead of using half a bottle of hair spray to glue it down, just get an old toothbrush, spray some hairspray onto it and then comb it through the places you need. Voila!

After brushing through with the hairspray laden toothbrush, you can then smooth with your hand and then comb through with the toothbrush again until your hair stays put. After combing through, you can spray the flyaways—which are now staying put—directly, if you prefer.

Here is a video of how to use the toothbrush trick.

Below is a photo of the product—the photo is not mine.

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