Wednesday, February 5, 2020

NightBlooming: A Review

I have bought from NightBlooming on Etsy a couple of times and each time I have been very happy with my orders.

My first order was a scalp scrub, for my dandruff problem. Even though it didn't completely get rid of my dandruff, I was still impressed with the scrub. Scrubbing my scalp was amazing. A side benefit is the feeling that my head was much cleaner.

The con is that it seems to me that I had more hair loss although it's not a big deal. We shed hair every day although we may not notice it. The scrub gets rid of those hairs we were going to shed anyway.

My most recent order was a custom oil blend. I contacted the shop owner—Melissa—and explained my problem.

I have super low porosity hair and most oil just sits on top of my hair and gives it an oily appearance. I need something light.

Melissa was knowledgeable and understanding. She recommended the Selkie Herbal Detangler because it's light and should work for me. She also said that if it were too heavy, I could dilute it further with some water.

Another benefit,  it also works as a leave-in too!

Unfortunately, I have only used it once so far but I do plan to play with it some more.

Melissa also added that I could select a scent and she could custom blend some very light oils for my hair oil blend.

I selected a small—0.5 oz—bottle.

When it arrived,I tried out the oil and found it absolutely perfect for my hair! It's not too heavy so it doesn't look oily or greasy and it smells amazing.

The little bottle will last me a long time as I only use about 4 drops 1-2 times a week.

I will definitely be ordering more oil from NightBlooming once I run out.

I have attached a photo of my oil below.

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