Thursday, March 26, 2020

Boar Bristle Brush

You may be wondering what a boar bristle brush (BBB) is. It's easy and exactly what it sounds like. It's a brush made of boar bristles—or boar fur/hair. Why you would want such a brush?

Back in the "Good Old Days," these brushes where used by all women who used to gently stroke their mane one hundred times a day. It was believed that this practice made hair healthier and grow faster. Is this true?

I can't speak for everyone. My personal experience is that it isn't true.

A while back I used a BBB on my hair for daily brushing but my hair was too thick so it really didn't do anything.

What I did notice is a lot of breakage when I used it like a regular brush. Therefore, I do encourage you to not use it as such.

I do think a BBB is great for is spreading oils and smoothing. I personally use my BBB about once a week maybe more depending on how many times I apply oil to my hair.

When using oil, I separate my hair down the middle into two parts. That way my hair is thinner and the brush does its job a lot better.

I have also used it to smooth down some crazy hairs after I have styled my hair and it does work really well for that purpose.

I recommend that you clean your brush regularly as it will pick up a lot of hair and dust. You can just pick the hair out. You can also clean it in order to wash the oils out.

Why would you want to wash the oils out?

I recently started using different oils and didn't want them mixed on my brush. I want to know which oil my hair likes best and cleaning it between oils helps me to make that determination.

Moreover, over time the bristles can get pretty gross.

This is the cleaning process I use:
Get a bowl that is the same height as your brush so when you fill it with water none of the wood will be in the water. Fill the bowl with warm water and add a tiny amount of shampoo. Allow the brush to sit for ten minutes then rinse thoroughly and allow it to dry completely.

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