Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Nail Polish Decorative Stickers: A Review

I have wanted to try nail polish decorative stickers a while as I do enjoy painting my nails once in a while and I am not gifted enough to do any kind of nail art.

My mom bought some at Christmas as a stocking stuffer. The brand was Piggy Paint and the style was the flower style. I, of course, couldn't wait to try them out!

I was able to use them shortly after the Holidays combined with some Acquarella's nail polish—in the color Fightmaster with the Conditioner as a topcoat.

In order to first prep my nails, I cut, filed and, then, washed them with soap. I would have loved to use a buffer because I am under the impression it does help the polish last longer. However, I don't own one.

I then applied two coats of polish and allowed them to dry a little before applying the stickers: one on each of my thumbs and ring fingers.

Because Acquarella is water-based it does get ruined in water—this only happens when I paint my fingernails and not my toenails.

I was very pleasantly surprised at how long the flower stickers lasted. I did have my hands in water many times and this did not cause any damage for a week before they started to peel. I must preface that when I say water, I mean water and suds—as in doing the dishes.

Also, you must understand that I am far from careful when I have my nails painted. This tidbit of information implies that one week, for me, is quite significant.

I am so pleased that I do plan on buying more patterns.

The available styles are listed below.

Here are the pictures of my nails after I had finished them.

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