Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Scalp Wash

I have mentioned "scalp wash" on previous posts and I expand on this notion: the benefits and how to do it.

In the Summer, and on a few occasions in the Winter, my scalp gets "grimmy"—as in really nasty—after sweating or working outside which attracts a lot of dust and dirt. I only wash my hair once a week in order to keep my length healthy. A scalp wash is great way to wash my scalp while leaving the length alone. It is really refreshing during the hot Arizona summers for this outdoor type of girl.

In order to have a successful scalp wash, your length needs to be long enough to secure out of the way. I do this is by loosely braiding my hair and slipping it down the back of my shirt and under my bra strap.

I then get a cup and dump water over my head at the bathroom sink until I feel like my scalp is wet enough. I then get my scalp scrubber, wet it, add shampoo, and wash my scalp.

The scrubbing feels amazing by the way.

I then get my cup and thoroughly rinse the shampoo out.

I squeeze as much water as I can from my scalp, get a small towel, and dry my hair by scrunching the towel to my scalp and squeezing a little.

I then take my hair out of the braid, split it into two parts, brush it out so the wet and dry areas blend a bit and so that the little hairs around my scalp don't stick straight out of my head.

Here is the difference in my hair after doing a scalp wash.

This is my scalp before washing

Washed and unbrushed, as you can see my hair is a little crazy

Washed and brushed

Dry and brushed

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