Sunday, September 27, 2020

Shea Moisturizer Conditioner: A Review

A long time ago, I tried a conditioner that had Shea butter as one of the main ingredients and it left my hair looking greasy, Since then, I have not been eager to repeat the experience and, therefore, I have avoided anything with shea butter.

However, I recently reneged on my first impression and tried a new conditioner. I first tried this conditioner after my mom tried it on her hair and didn't like it as it was too heavy for her fine curly hair. She asked if I wanted to try it. Why not? Right?  

Although a tad nervous, I gave it a whirl. It turns out my hair loves it!

After many weeks of testing and using this conditioner in my aloe mask and in my hair while wet in the shower, it seems that my hair likes it best as a conditioner and not in the mask.

It doesn't leave my hair greasy but, instead, very soft, manageable, and smelling divine for the week I don't wash my hair. 

I love the thick consistency of this product. It makes applying it much easier than a runny conditioner. 

My Hair Routine

First, I oil my hair the day before I wash my hair. Then, I apply my aloe mask (summer) or my protein mask (winter) and leave it be for a couple of hours, rinse it out, and shampoo my scalp.

At this point, I split my hair in the middle (roughly in the middle) and allow the shower water to run through my hair a little before I gently and slowly brush my hair using my favorite brush.

When this task is complete,  I squeeze the excess water out and apply three pumps of the shea conditioner for each section of my length, and two additional pumps for my scalp. I then again use my brush to spread the conditioner throughout my hair. When done, I put my hair up in a low bun held by an elastic while I shave my legs,

Lastly, I thoroughly rinse the conditioner out. 

I air dry my hair after having gently squeezed out excess water with my — really large, and much loved  — microfiber hair towel.

This process works best for me but bear in mind that washing your hair this way may not work best for you as we are all so unique.

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And the recipes:

Pictured below is a picture of the conditioner.

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