Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Wood Berry Art Hair Sticks: A Review

I had been following Wood Berry Art on Instagram for a little while when, one day, he held a giveaway.

I personally never thought I would actually win but it turns out I did! That is how I ended up with this hair stick.

I love the design of the seahorse. The craftmanship on the stick is amazing. It is very sturdy and smooth so it doesn't catch on my hair. The size of the seahorse is a little bigger than I thought it would be and I completely forgot to ask for the prongs to be longer since my hair is so long but that is completely my own fault.

I can still wear this hair stick and most definitely will, but because it's so beautiful I will only be wearing it for special occasions or the times I actually dress up. 

I did get to pick out the type of wood from the selections he offered. I went with the lightest because of my hair color. I felt a light wood would compliment my hair best.   

I did receive the package very quickly for it being sent from out of the country which was really cool.

I do like some of the sticks he has in his shop and even have some of them saved for when I have some spending money. His prices range from $16-$65. I personally think they are very well priced for the work that goes into them. He also does custom orders for those of you who would want something different or special.

Here is the link to his shop.

Below are pictures of the hair stick and of the stick in my hair.

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