Thursday, May 28, 2020

Cross Stitching onto a Linen Shirt

I was asked to do a cross stitch pattern onto a linen shirt by my mom. This project was a first for me. I had done jean jackets, skirts, and baby onesies but never linen. 

I was both nervous and excited about how it would turn out.

To ensure the project would not be off-center, I first ironed the shirt and performed the same process I had  used in the past with the jackets. Then I pinned the waste cloth with small safety pins so it would remain in place.

The pattern my mom had selected is from Vladaxstich on Etsy. I loved the blend of a butterfly with flowers. 

I slightly altered the pattern and used metallic white in place of another floss to add a little sparkle, and my mom selected a light pink for the daisies in place of a light blue.

Once my hoop was in place, I started from the center and moved outward. All of the patterns from Vlada come in PDF. For this pattern, I had to print four different pages. Therefore, it took a little figuring out to find the center although once I had it the rest was really easy.

I found it easier to stitch onto linen than denim. Jean jackets are much heavier and, over time, my hand and fingers would grow tired and sore. 

On the other hand, it found it more difficult to maneuver the hoop around a shirt rather than a jacket. 

I believe it only took me about a week—give or take—to finish this project.

Once I finished stitching, I followed the same final steps as with my previous projects. I wetted and removed the waste cloth. This was rather difficult as the surface area was large and removing the pieces of waste cloth fiber is a tedious process. 

Once not one length of waste cloth remained, I once more ironed the shirt—inside out—to remove moth of the wrinkles.

Lastly, I gently and slightly sprayed down the stitched area to "close up" the holes I had made with my needle.

I recommend washing such projects either in a lingerie bag on the delicate cycle or by hand. Furthermore, I don't recommend putting any cross-stitching project in the dryer.

Below is a picture of the finished project.

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