Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Wood Berry Art Hair Sticks: A Review

I had been following Wood Berry Art on Instagram for a little while when, one day, he held a giveaway.

I personally never thought I would actually win but it turns out I did! That is how I ended up with this hair stick.

I love the design of the seahorse. The craftmanship on the stick is amazing. It is very sturdy and smooth so it doesn't catch on my hair. The size of the seahorse is a little bigger than I thought it would be and I completely forgot to ask for the prongs to be longer since my hair is so long but that is completely my own fault.

I can still wear this hair stick and most definitely will, but because it's so beautiful I will only be wearing it for special occasions or the times I actually dress up. 

I did get to pick out the type of wood from the selections he offered. I went with the lightest because of my hair color. I felt a light wood would compliment my hair best.   

I did receive the package very quickly for it being sent from out of the country which was really cool.

I do like some of the sticks he has in his shop and even have some of them saved for when I have some spending money. His prices range from $16-$65. I personally think they are very well priced for the work that goes into them. He also does custom orders for those of you who would want something different or special.

Here is the link to his shop.

Below are pictures of the hair stick and of the stick in my hair.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

My Hair Journey, 2008~2020

I have always loved long hair—although not necessarily the "long hair" you may think of when I say "long hair." Therefore, what do I mean when I say long hair? Very long hair.

Allow me to share my story of growing my hair from shoulder length to classic length over the course of about eleven years—I will share tips I learned along the way.

Many years ago, I didn't take care of my hair properly and I ended up with dreadlocks that neither I nor my mother wanted.

On the other hand, I also wouldn't allow said mother to brush my hair or help me. At this point, she gave me a choice: "Take care of your hair or I'll cut it." 

She cut it.

My hair was about waist length and I was about 7. 

After the big chop, I grew it out to about bra strap but then, I made the choice to cut it again back to my shoulders. That was the last time I cut that much off my hair at once.

After my second chop, I decided I was going to grow my hair to my dream length which is classic. It took many years, a lot of learning from a lot of different people, and trying various things to finally figure out what my hair likes and doesn't like—it's like having a pet, just kidding, kind of.

Dealing with Dandruff

I guess I will start with learning to deal with dandruffs. At the time, I was washing my hair every other day, which is common and fine for a lot of people.

I have since learned that my hair is a lot healthier, softer, and thicker since washing it once a week —although I do a scalp wash in the Summer mid-way to my next wash.

 When I was dealing with dandruff, not washing my hair for longer than two days would make my scalp itch like crazy. In hopes of getting rid of my dandruff, I tried various shampoos, conditioners, scrubs, rinses, and even oil with garlic in it—can you say stinky?

Lo and behold, I wash finally able to solve the dandruff issue with a homeopathic remedy.

Wash Day

After lurking long hair groups and hearing that many longhaired gals only wash their hair once a week. I decided to give it a try and see how it would work for me. 

There was definitely a learning curve as it took a little while for my hair and scalp to adjust to a new schedule. 

I have been following this method now for about two years and I wouldn't go back to washing my hair daily or every other day.

Since washing my hair only once per week, my hair has thickened and I feel like it has grown faster as well.

Hot Hair Tools

I have been aware for a long time now that using heat on one's hair is damaging.  Although I am not trying to convince anyone not to use heated hair tools, it's common knowledge that their regular use will cause damage. When one wants to grow their hair out, this situation creates an uphill battle to healthy long tresses.

I personally have never used a flat iron. Although I do not personally own a curling rod, I used one for a wedding I was in once and I did notice some damage I used a curling rod on a couple sections of my hair and I did notice damage afterward.

Diddo for hair dryers.

I always air dry my hair. 

I have also never dyed or permed my hair. 

Hair Products

Over the years,  as you can imagine, I have tried out a lot of hair products.

Many shampoos left my hair feeling very straw-like. After many trials and errors, I finally found products free of cones which leave my hair feeling soft. Yay.

Over our very hot Summer months my hair needs moisture and no protein whereas in the Winter, it needs more protein and less moisture. S

My Summer routine includes a simple aloe mask and, in the Winter,  I simply add some protein to that same mask. 


All year long, I oil my hair 24 hours before washing.

I have heard a lot of women say they need to use a lot of oils on their hair or in their hair care. In saying this I think it is very important to know if your hair soaks up oils or if the oil just sits on top like it does for me—know your hair porosity.

Here is a video to help you out.

My hair happens to non-porous. Finding an oil I could use on my hair that could moisturize while not giving me a greasy look was not simple. After trying many different oils, I found that Righteous Oil and a custom oil blend from Nightblooming are the two that work best for me.


The ends of my hair are thinner than the rest of my hair and I am slowing working on that issue by doing micro trims. This method enables me to grow my hair at the same time as dropping its thickness throughout my length. 

Note: I will attach two photos below showing the progress in using this method.

I did have a salon disaster a few years ago when I went in for a trim and unfortunately, instead of only trimming my hair the hairdresser ended up chopping a minimum of two inches. 

This hiccup did slow down my progress a bit but I think in the long run it ended up helping because a lot of what was cut off was damaged. 

I have done more than just trims over the years but besides that one salon trip, I don't think I ever cut off more than an inch.


The last few months before I finally reached classic, I started eating regularly and more often for personal reasons and this actually caused my hair to grow at a much faster pace.

Over the course of the eleven years, it took me to grow out my hair to classic length, I learned a lot from a group on Facebook called Longhair4life. Not only was I able to ask my questions and have them answered but I also finally learned how to style my hair.

For the sake of full disclosure, this group may have also spurred a hair jewelry addiction.


And most importantly, I want to acknowledge my mom for helping during the elven years it took me to reach this milestone in my hair journey. 

She was my reminder of how long it took me to where I was when I felt like cutting my hair, letting me know what style I shouldn't do, and supporting me in growing my hair out. She is the only person I trust to cut my hair and not take more than I ask. She has found all the products I use in my hair.


Here is a list of all the products I use in my hair, the tools I use for my hair, the places I have hair jewelry from, and the videos I use to style my hair.


If you have any questions you can comment below and I will be happy to answer as many as I can.


Below are two photos, the first one is the last picture I have after cutting my hair short and the second one is a picture showing that I finally reached my dream goal after ELEVEN years.

Now that I have reached my goal lengthwise, my intention is to continue trimming my hair every month in order to maintain the same length and allow my thickness to drop to my ends. 

After my ends are as thick as I want, I am going to continue growing my hair to mid-thigh and then decide if I want to go longer or shorter.

This is October of 2008

This is June 20th of 2020