Now, you may be wondering how I got the name for this website. Well, it's rather simple. My last name is Witt and I can be a bit wild at times (not wild as in drinking or doing crazy things but I can get a little crazy...) so, I put two and two together!

You may also be wondering what this page is about and, as you'll see it's not about any one thing in particular. It's just about my life and what I do on a day to day basis, along with sharing my love for horses, long hair, counted cross-stitch, reading, photography, family, Arizona, old movies and shows, and just old things in general! As you can see it will be a lot of different subjects!

I am a native Arizonan country gal. I'm the 5th of 9 kids (7 brothers, and one sister.) We never had a TV (chill it's not that crazy or boring) or a microwave (we just warmed food up in the stove...) and we were all homeschooled. I know we are a very unusual family but I have loved every minute of it. Growing up we played outside all the time and just made up our own games, we were hardly on any devices or the computer. I wouldn't change a thing, I loved being homeschooled and using my imagination.

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