My Photography

Let's clear the air right off the bat, I am not a professional photographer, it's just an art I enjoy.

In this section, I will share my photos. No fluff. Just pictures I like and want to share.

My favorite "subjects" are of flowers although I will post a wider array of my favorite shots.

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These pictures below were taken while on a hike with my mom and little brothers in Dove Mountain—Southern Arizona—in March or April of 2019. 

The first two are wildflowers—Mexican poppies, to be precise—and the second is a prickly pear cactus shaped like a heart. The middle picture would be my favorite.

These gorgeous flowers were taken around my house. Roses are my favorite flower.
I especially like the touch of rustic of the middle picture—with the wood. In the last picture, I really enjoy the wide array of colors.

I actually took this set of pictures a few years ago but I never felt like they were good enough to post out there and I got tired of editing so I just left them alone and forgot about them until I had to use my editing program again. I figured what the heck I love these photos and even though they aren't the best quality I will share them with you. These sets of flowers are from a bouquet my dad had brought home for my mom and just about every time he brings home flowers I have photographed them. You can see all the photos from this collection here on my Instagram.


These pictures are from the flowers that bloomed around our house for the spring of 2020. I am actually really happy with these pictures even though they aren't professional grade. All of these pictures will be a wide variety of different flowers and there is one with I am really excited about. You can see all the pictures from this collection on my Instagram.

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